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12 FEB 2020 EAA Chapter 1031 Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of EAA Chapter 1031 was held at Winchester Airport at 7:00 PM on 12 Feb. 2020

Attendees: David Ames, John Munroe, Tom Parry, Juergen Nies, Jeff Sharp, Jim Greer, Richard Morris, Josh Ingram, Eddie Carroll, Brooke Ashley, Gueorgui Klissourov, Marcus Zechini, Tim Boan, Bob Metcalfe, Keenan Wolfe The Meeting was called to order by Dave Ames, president.

Old Business: Tim Boan , David Ames and Nick Sabo, Airport Executive Director, met with Frederick County School officials to discuss ways in which the chapter could foster aviation and STEM education, particularly aviation and paths for students toward an aviation career. Dave discussed an organization that has relocated their main office to KOKV that provides structured STEM oriented flights to students. Dave, Tim, and Juergen Nies have met with them to evaluate their relationship to Young Eagle Flights. The STEM flights are rigidly structured to a curriculum and more involved than a Young Eagle Flight. It is felt that while YE Flights might provide a gateway for youth into the STEM flight program any further overlap would not be appropriate. It was also noted that another flight school, SkyVentures, was planning to start instruction at the field soon. Additionally Nick Sabo had reported to Dave and Tim that SU had been discussing the start of an aviation program at the airport with him. A Boy Scout Troop from Purcellville has been in touch with Tim regarding an “aviation weekend” that would include YE Flights on the weekend of May 16th – 17th. Tim reported that there are 5 YE candidates awaiting flights, 3 of which are repeats. These flights are pending improved weekend weather. Tim conducted one Eagle Flight (not so young!) this past weekend.

New: Eddie Carroll gave an update on the Chapter’s new Facebook page. The page was displayed on the conference room projector. Eddie invited all the Chapter members to “Join the Group” and add relevant photos of aircraft projects build progress, members’ aircraft, etc. He discussed the visibility the public page has, and the exposure it gives for the Chapter. Only members, however, can add information to the page. The annual chapter service awards were presented: David Ames – President Juergen Nies – Treasurer Marcus Zechini – Secretary Tim Boan – Young Eagles Coordinator Kevin Cornwell – Webmaster

Two new members were introduced: Keenan Wolfe Richard Morris

Nominations for Chapter Officers were made: President – John Munroe; incumbent – Dave Ames Vice President – Dave Ames; incumbent – Dave Ames Secretary – Tim Boan; incumbent – Marcus (Zeke) Zechini Treasurer – Juergen Nies; incumbent – Juergen Nies Young Eagles/Eagles Coordinator – Tim Boan; incumbent – Tim Boan Web Editor – Kevin Cornwell; incumbent – Kevin Cornwell Technical Counselor – John Ely; incumbent – vacant

After nominations, Juergen briefed the new members on one of our Chapter’s most fun and often-enjoyed events – flyouts. Juergen described the Hudson River trips. The planning involved is not trivial, it’s quite an adventure, and there’s the stunning scenery! Many other destinations were suggested, mostly Lunch time excursions within a 50-mile radius of Winchester, and Juergen agreed to work on planning for more flyouts. Suggestions for good flyout destinations are always welcome!

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and seconded.

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