Hudson River November 2nd, 2019

Hudson River November 2nd, 2019 by Juergen Nies (Pictures and some of the video footage provided by Kevin Cornwell)

We had a new record participation in the annual Hudson fly-out. Bob Lein and Nathan Welch in Bob’s Grumman Tiger, Tim Boan and wife in their Grumman Cheatah, John Munroe and wife in their RV-6, Alain Borel with his son, his son’s girl friend and (giving) Josh Ingram a ride in his Navion and Juergen Nies with Kevin Cornwell and his friend Kevin in the Pacer. Total of five airplanes and thirteen people enjoyed the ideal conditions to gaze at the Manhattan skyline.

Four of the airplanes took off together to stay in loose formation for the one hour forty-minute flight to EMPYR intersection just South of the Big Apple. The Navion gave us a head start and caught up with us on schedule just before we arrived at EMPYR. We discussed in the pre-flight briefing that the Navion would then slip into the number one position with the Pacer in number two for a photo mission flying the leg Northbound up the river, with the RV-6 behind the Pacer in the number three position. At the northern turning point (at the Tappan Zee bridge) the Navion and RV-6 would switch position for the RV-6 to fly the lead for the photo mission Southbound.

Everything worked out perfect as far as the weather and even though the traffic was numerous in the corridor (which is to be expected when the weather is so nice) everyone made it through the corridor (twice) just fine. We didn’t all stay together or at the same altitude, and that is perfectly fine since each PIC is in charge of their own flight. Tim and his wife decided to fly the corridor both ways at the Sightseeing altitude below 1,000 feet to circle the Statue of Liberty. The Avion and the Tiger did both legs at the transient altitude between 1,000 and 1,300 feet. John in the RV and the Pacer did the Northbound leg at 1,100 feet, but then dropped down to 900 feet on the Southbound leg to also circle the Statue of Liberty once or twice.

After we all exited the corridor safely, Alain and his passengers in the Avion flew straight back to Winchester since he had to be back at work. The rest of us landed at Central Jersey airport to have lunch and review the trip. The flight home was relaxing with the weather still being very nice and everyone flew at their own preferred cruise settings.

Another great fly-out and I hope more of you can join the next time. Stay tuned for future fly-out destinations.

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride.

Video of the flight from Juergen's YouTube

Video of the flight from John Munroe's YouTube

Alain Borel's Navion

John Munroe's RV-6

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