Frederick, MD (KFDK) December 23rd, 2018

Frederick, MD (KFDK)

December 23rd, 2018 by Juergen Nies

We finally caught a break from all the rain we are having on weekends and had a very nice day for our last fly-out of the year. To make sure some of the slower airplanes are able to attend, we picked Frederick, MD as the destination. They have a nice restaurant at the field and they were able to accommodate our group. A total of seven airplanes and thirteen people attended the fly-out.

Arriving at FDK (Class D airspace) we could tell the tower controller was very busy and in a little over his head. Besides our group arriving within about 20 minutes of each other there were multiple other airplanes arriving and leaving and a few practicing instrument approaches. I believe at least three of our group were told to stay clear of the Class D airspace when they first made contact and Joey had to practice his go-around skills when he was spaced too close to another airplane taking its time to clear the runway. However, at the end we all made it safely to the parking spots and at least it gave us plenty to talk about.

The restaurant did a great job getting all of us seated and serve the lunch to us. After lunch the most of us sat around for some time to talk airplanes (what else would pilots do anyway?).

As the below picture shows, departure was equally crowded and almost everyone was going Westbound. The tower controller acted almost a little surprised when one of the departing airplanes didn't request a Westbound departure.

A great last fly-out of the year and lots of fly-outs to look forward to in the new year. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Most of all:

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride!

Bob and Zeke arriving in the Luscombe

Joey with friends arriving in the Mooney

Jim in his RV-8

Tim arriving in his Cheetah

Some Members chatting about the arrival

Tom arriving in his Cardinal

The group discussing something (maybe the arrival)

Jim, Dave and Charles arriving in Jim's Navajo

The group at lunch

The group at lunch

The group at lunch

Departure Traffic going Westbound

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